Field of Services:


1. Structure and Architecture
Planning and Design of Residential, Commercial, and Sports complexes. Master plan for   Infrastructure development project.


2. Drawing and Supervision
Working drawing, Municipality drawing and Supervision of all Civil Construction works.


3. Valuation works                                  
Valuation of Land according to Government and Current Market Prices and Valuation of the Building.


4. Water Resources Planning                 
Hydrology & Meteorology ‑ Hydrogeology ‑ Master plans for water resources systems.


5. Hydropower Engineering
Feasibility Study and Design of Medium and Small Hydropower Schemes.


6. Energy                                                  
Aspects of generation and distribution of energy with special emphasis on the small and mini hydel sectors, and aspects of introducing portable Pelt on turbines for village electrification.

7. Drinking Water Supply
Rural Water Supply, Distribution Network Analysis & Design ‑ Elevated Tanks.


8. Highway Engineering
Survey & design, Highway design, Bridge‑ Culverts ‑ Pavement design.


9. Survey Engineering
Topographical surveys ‑ Route surveys


10. Environmental Studies
EIA Studies – IEE and preliminary environmental impact assessments.


11. Technical Audit                                 
Technical Audit of Road project, Irrigation, Building and other development Project


12. Economy                                              
Research & Study, data collection and analysis for financial and economy.


13. Social Safeguards                             
Aspects such as social survey, impact assessment and protection measures.  Preparation   of   resettlement action plan and social development and safeguard plan.      


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